As I sat to brainstorm another article for my ‘Sex Talk Sundays’ series, I started to think about why this was important to me. I began the idea on a serious note; to address the lack of awareness on consensual sex and the missing voice of women in sex-related conversations. Slowly, I saw how people, and I, perceived sexuality. It was either a health-related or an activism-driven discussion. The general question that I, and many, had was this…

Sexuality is the way we identify…

They say we claim spaces and make them into homes. Two years ago, I had a space too. A home with a shabby backyard where we had a traditional South-Indian breakfast, idli with sambar and coconut chutney. She liked cooking outside when the skies were clear and bright; she never forgot to mention it as she did so. I would make a Nescafe-instant cold coffee and chat with her about the week.

She was only an aunt but cared like a mother. It was not my home but felt the closest to it. I had my own room, and I…

(Trigger Warning: discussion of sexual violence against women, rape, and sexual abuse.)

We turn to news media to stay informed of current events, but knowingly or not, we are also shaping our opinions on key issues. The kind of content we consume can say a lot about our worldviews and what we believe is morally right or wrong.

Gender-based violence (GBV) is prevalent in India. News media plays a significant role in influencing the public perceptions of such crimes and gender roles. …

When was the first time you learned about sex? For many of us, it was before we turned 18, regardless of whether we had the correct information.

Bombay Begums came under fire for its depiction of minors (high-schoolers) engaging in sexual activities. It brought up the debate of how sexuality in media affects children and whether they should even consume such content. But if this is something we all knew in school and probably participated in during our teenage years, what’s the big deal? Why is it problematic, and why should we talk about it?

Sexual Development Begins Early

Sexual development, sexuality, and sex…

Trigger Warning: Discussions of Asian hate and racism, mentions of shootings in America.

Following the recent Atlanta shooting that costed the lives of eight Asians, I felt incredibly disoriented and troubled. It reminded me of the 2017 shooting on Telugu men and the more recent attacks in 2019. Try Guys released a video addressing the hate and spoke for the entire community of Asians.

I broke down. I couldn’t believe this is 2021, and racism still exists in its brutal and blatant ways.

Usually, everyone is quick to dismiss it as just another violent crime and then defend themselves…

We learn about periods, or menstruation, in our high-school Biology class. But what our education so conveniently misses out on is its ugly side-effects, the discrimination, and the nonsensical people who ask, “PMS-ing or what?”


Let’s Talk About the Ugly

In some Indian states, a girl’s first period is celebrated as her passage into womanhood. These cultural traditions must be respected, and can be followed by whoever wishes so, but it is important to realise the subsequent sexism that comes along. These celebrations are more to do with a woman’s fertility than normalising conversations around menstruation.

Image Credit: Youth ki Awaaz, Menstrual Festivals: Yet Another Means To Celebrate Systemic Patriarchy.

In most Indian homes, menstrual untouchability is still…

Remember when we would watch TV with our parents, and the ad of Sunny Leone running on the beach, promoting Manforce condoms would come on?

No? You don’t remember? Because that never happened!

Of course, we didn’t talk about contraceptives. The same way we didn’t talk about sex. And here we are, 1.3 billion people and growing…

Why Are We Not Using Contraceptives?

Contraception is widely regarded as the woman’s responsibility because technically, she is the one who will get pregnant. So, it is common to hear young, urban women say, “It is my problem, so I have to look after it myself.” The responsibility can…

“Sex talk among guys is mostly winks and nods, bravado and innuendo.”

— Sex: A Man’s Guide by Stefan Bechtel, Laurence Roy Stains, and Men’s Health Books.

If you’re a guy, before you read further, think about it, how many times have you had a conversation about sex beyond these limits?

Scott Gilman, a fellow writer on Medium, wrote a brilliant article on the same, ‘Men Need to Talk About Sex With Each Other’, which I highly recommend for everyone to read.

While it had a more Euro-centric focus on men’s sexuality, I hope to dig a little deeper in…

It is the start of the year. Covid has taken over the world, and you are locked in your home. Seeing your crush, meeting up with your date, making out with your partner, and all physical interactions have come to a halt. What’s the next best thing?

“Hey, wanna video call ;)?”

Sexting has become the new normal during the lockdown, but for most people, there is always a hint of anxiety and guilt attached to it. But it’s 2020, right? People are more accepting and respectful, right?

Your Nudity Is Not the Same as Mine

I talked about how female sexuality is curbed and policed by society…

I struggle with perfectionism in every aspect of my life, including my appearance. But it was not until last year that I realized the amount of pressure I put on my body to appear ‘ideal’ to others.

There were many features like my hairline, my lips, my waist, my legs, my body hair, that were mocked at or scrutinized. Some came from previous partners, friends, and relatives, and some through the media’s messaging of beauty ideals. Unaware of my critical perceptions, I was being self-destructive to an extent that affected my behaviour and my sexuality. …

Anusha G

Creative Writer | Sex Talk Sunday Series | Film Enthusiast

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