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  • Ashish Lal

    Ashish Lal

  • Roselene Silver

    Roselene Silver

    Writer and lover of many genres of fiction (mostly romance, YAOI, erotica and mystery), article poster, poetess, feminist and a passionate artist.

  • Rachitarathore


  • Jocelyn Soriano

    Jocelyn Soriano

    Writer, beta reader and book reviewer. Get my free e-book DEFENDING MY CATHOLIC FAITH…

  • Naga srihith Penjarla

    Naga srihith Penjarla

  • Georgia Dimitrious

    Georgia Dimitrious

    Living out the human experience on a high vibrational frequency, mostly inside a secret fifth dimensional plane called Paradise.

  • Translucent Thoughts

    Translucent Thoughts

    I write a lot about love for someone who’s never been in love

  • Meghala Magzz

    Meghala Magzz

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