Why Caste Matters: Being an Anti-Caste Ally

Anusha G
3 min readJan 23, 2022

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There was a lot more I wanted to cover, but hopefully, I put my point across. I didn’t want to bring up the violent atrocities that happen against oppressed communities — not because we are fully aware of it. The media rarely pays attention to their stories (I was shocked at how little I knew about the caste-based violence in Hyderabad myself.). I didn’t want to because most people see it as an isolated event and get away by saying, “But we aren’t like that.”

They fail to see how we’re part of the problem — we’re part of the system that carries out these institutional murders. Also, it shouldn’t take us an extreme crime to recognise our casteism.

What Can We Do?

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Assume you have it and listen to experts about it.

We all have implicit biases. Think of the times you’ve argued against reservations versus casteism. You know the answer.

Start by reading Annihilation of Caste by Dr B.R. Ambedkar (it’s only 50 pages) and more of his work. You could also follow these creators on Instagram:

In his book ‘Caste Matters’, Suraj Yengde talks about the many Brahmin and other dominant-caste activists who advocated against the caste system and led anti-caste movements within their community. Oddly, none of their stories were ever mentioned in our history books. But, I would urge you to read up on their work as well.

Don’t spread it, and be willing to change your life to end it.

Our inner circle is most likely dominant-caste, so we might be unaware/ignorant of our subtle casteism. For example — do you expect your life partner to have studied at a high-ranking university? Or expect them to be well-dressed or fluent in English? Or expect them to be affluent or ‘classy’?

I’ve provided examples throughout the article that should give you things to rethink. However, a lot of it would depend…



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